Offering a full range of design and installation services and a goal nothing short of 100% satisfaction. We communicate with our customers, creating their visions into reality. Our industry-leading design and construction professionals work hard to fulfill your needs while minimizing the inherent inconveniences of construction.


At our showroom, we will discuss the plans for your project. We will provide inputs on your project, from layout, placement, size and etc. We will also go take complete measurements of the area that you require our services. The consultation does not require a fee.


When the planning and outlines are done and finalized, the rest is up to us to bring your vision to life. We will start the manufacturings and fabrication of the cabinetry. Don’t worry as your ideas are in good hands as we will take care of all the hard parts.

Customs Designs

We offer designs, installation, fabrication and rendering for your cabinetry which includes:

Our journey


Before coming to the consultation, clients are advised to come prepared with budgets, needs and ideas of what they want. Our discussion will include the client’s door styles, handle, stains, finishes, colour consultations, furniture and lighting selection.


After the consultation, we will have prepared you a 3D concept design of your cabinetries and a quotation. The visualization will include space planning, custom cabinetry and millwork.


For detailed designs, an on-site measurement will be conducted to aid the more detailed design. The designs will include: exact measurements, location, specification, finishes, function and extra accessories.


When the designs are approved by you, the cabinetry will then be ready to be manufactured. This process takes approximately 6 weeks. All our woods are manufactured in Canada and the production of the cabinets are made in Toronto.


When the cabinetries are finished, we will contact you for the date of availability to install the cabinetries. The process of the installation takes 1-3 days to complete depend of the size of the project. Once installation is complete, an on-site inspection will be made to ensure satisfaction.

Connect with our crew of designers

We have a team of friendly and attentive designers, schedule a consultation to commence your vision.